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Marching for a Cure


Melanoma March is a wonderful family and community event where participants walk, march and parade along a 4km course to raise awareness, remember loved ones lost to melanoma, and raise funds for vital research.


Melanoma March was established in 2012 by Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA). The inaugural Melanoma March, held in Manly, was initially a local event honouring the memory of those who have died from melanoma, while also providing an opportunity to raise vital funds and awareness.

The event quickly grew, becoming a national initiative of MIA and the major annual fundraising campaign to support ongoing melanoma research.

Melanoma March has continued to grow year-on-year and is now a collaborative effort between MIA, melanomaWA, Australian Melanoma Research Foundation and Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. giving the campaign a truly national reach. In 2016, our goal is to raise significant funds for a national research project, continuing our work to find a cure for melanoma.


Raising funds to support life-changing research 


The 2016 Melanoma March campaign provides critical funding for an ambitious new MIA-led project that will ultimately transform the way patients are treated by shining a research light on melanoma care.


Participating melanoma centres around the country will link databases, for the first time bringing together the key information about the treatment of their patients on a national scale. At present melanoma is only recorded by national cancer registries at the time it is initially diagnosed. Data suitable for research about the patients’ treatment and progress is currently only collected in a few specialist centres. This project seeks to expand this substantially and facilitate the appropriate combination of this invaluable information to provided new insights into treatment responses, especially with the less common forms of melanoma where our aggregated national experience will be so informative. 


The world-leading ‘Big Data for Melanoma’ project will feature an online platform designed to engage with melanoma care, wherever it takes place.


“With melanoma cases still rising, it’s critical we find ways to keep improving the quality of care. Part of this challenge is to understand the real-world situation of melanoma across the country. This sort of clinical research register has not been attempted before in melanoma. It’s ultimately about improving patient care and saving lives,” MIA’s Research Director Professor Graham Mann said.


Research is making a difference... with your help!


The ground-breaking ‘ABC Trial’, funded by money raised from the 2014 Melanoma March, is comparing the use of various immunotherapies in patients with melanoma that has spread to their brain. Running since 2014, the study is showing promising early findings. Patients who once were given just months to live are now surviving longer than a year.


“It’s only early days, but so far we are seeing a tripling of life expectancy for some patients with melanoma that has spread to the brain. There are also added benefits because this kind of work is a world first. Everything we are using is unique – we’re developing new techniques to investigate and learn from the patients’ blood and tumour samples, together with much more advanced brain imaging, which is allowing us to stay at the forefront of research," MIA's Deputy Director Associate Professor Jonathan Stretch said.



Melanoma March 2015

Thousands of people across the country took action against melanoma during Melanoma March 2015, making it the biggest and most successful year to date. Melanoma March has seen exponential growth, adding an additional seven march sites around Australia bringing the total up to 23 events nationally. Through the generous support of the community, the Melanoma March campaign raised over $650,000 for melanoma research in 2015.

Money raised in 2015 is supporting the Australian PDX Melanoma Project (AXMAP). This important project has enabled Melanoma Institute Australia and melanoma research centres around the nation to work together to bank, distribute and analyse tissue samples using cutting-edge technologies. This research is helping us unravel the disease's genetic secrets. By solving these mysteries we are driving the development of new treatments and creating tests that show which patients are most at risk.

In recent years research breakthroughs have tripled the life expectancy for advanced melanoma patients....

At Melanoma Institute Australia, a cure is in our sights!